Hydraulic element Factory "Palfinger" Austria

The Company has built on this object:
1.Design and building of 4 transformer posts with installed capacity of 4.5 MW
2.Design and building of medium voltage cables to and between them
3.Design and building of cable tube networks
4.Design and building of main switch boards
5.Design and building of indoor lighting installations
6.Design and building of indoor installations and electrical boards
7.Design and building of all factory machines
Salt freezing factory "EFEB" - Greece

DIKS 2001 EOOD – town of Yambol builded the following objects of EFEB OOD:
- Design and reconstruction of air transmission network 20 kV , their measurements lifting in the building section
- Design and building of junction distributing station
- Design and building of 2 transformers with installed capacity of 1800 kV
- Design and building of cable tubing network and laying of cables 20 kV for feeding and reserve of transformer posts
- Building of site cable tubing network with laying of low voltage cables, distributing boxes for the capacity taking out to different works sites
- Building of indoor transmission and distribution networks for feeding of the separate machines
- Design and reconstruction of 19 pieces of low voltage cables on the site of new builded machine hall.
Cast iron Factory – town of Elhovo

Transformer and cables to the post, lighting installation, feeding oven, reconstruction of an existing low voltage network, control boards for tower cranes
Insulation Factory town of Yambol
- Summer resorts
- Hypermarkets
- Hotels
- Petrol stations
- Works / Workshops
- Distribution lines - 20 kV
- Networks low voltage.
- Transformer posts (including architectural-building part) - builded, mast, complete transformer substations, block complete transformer substations
- High, medium and low voltage cables
- Electrical parts of substations and junction stations
- Electrical parts of substations and junction stations
Sports Centre - Balneological Hotel
Sport rehabilitation centre with 5 stars hotel and football stadium – town of Pomorie
Hypermarkets "Kaufland"
Hypermarket Kaufland – town of Rousse
Hypermarket Kaufland – town of Yambol
Summer resort
Summer resort "Raiska gradina"
Petrol stations Lukoil
Petrol stations Lukoil
Works of Palfinger - Àustria
Summer resort Viniyards
Summer resort – village of Kableshkovo
Builded hotels
Builded hotels